Jovica the painter

Jovica the painter

Respected visitor to my “gallery” of paintings, I wish to say that I belong to the group of artists who believe that their works must be understandable to the onlooker, and must induce a  visual, aesthetic and internally emotional experience, an intimate feeling of positive vibrations.

The artist, through the moves of his brush, pencil or palette knife uses among other things, specific colours which gives a special meaning of subtle reflexes. He or she brings to “life” static objects. That is the true aesthetic experience. That is the spiritual world which makes our personality noble. In brief it creates and moves our need for the beautiful and noble. That is why today we marvel the old civilisations which had a creative talent in sculpture and painting, that have enriched humanity with their works.

My art has been especially and lastingly influenced by the painting and sculpture of the renaissance, from the Italian masters to the French impressionists. In the 1960s I spent three and a half years studying in Cairo, where I got the opportunity to learn about the old Egyptian civilisation, its works especially in architecture, construction and especially sculpture and painting, which really fascinated me. Every time I visited the Egyptian temples or the National Museum in Cairo, my impression grew stronger. I always found something new which would flare up my enthusiasm which always reflected in my motivation to paint.

I belong to the group of plein-air painters. My strongest inspiration and motive for painting shows when I paint in open air, where minute by minute the objects change colour in the daylight. That can be best seen in the changing shades of the sea, which are caused equally by the changes in daylight and sea currents.

Dear and respected visitor of my “gallery”, I leave the final judgement of my paintings to you. I will be honoured and pleased if you experience or recognise part of my messages in them, which I wanted to convey and thus bring closer my world of painting.

With respect,
Jovica Prodanović